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Movies I want to see [help]

but cannot seem to get my hands on
In Bruges [not because of Colin's bodacious bod but because it's a comedy apparently]
Bunny Chow (it's not porn although sounds like it)
The last mistress [hey, sex and art must make a winner]
The boss of it all [it's Lars, what's there more to say]

can anyone please help with getting these?


vladootz said...

I guess I can help...
'In Bruges' it's still on cam releases so until divx or dvdrips it's not worthy watching, 'Bunny Chow' nowhere to find, The Last Mistress and The boss of it all I`ll mail you them in the next minutes :D

Bogdana said...

@vladootz, thanks!! but how will you e-mail them? they go through at av.700 MB?

dan said...

you can check out this website to find out what copies there are and what quality

after that, just wait another year or so to buy the movie. because downloading is illegal :)

p.s. there is no decent DVDrip of In Bruges yet; I'm waiting on that too; but the other day they launched a very good quality rip of Diary Of The Dead if you're a George Romero fan :P

Bogdana said...

@dan, could not find any "legally challenged" copies of any of the above. george romero is a god but i am afraid of the dark so i tend to steer away from anything with the word horror in the description

@valdootz, n-am reusit sa trag de pe linkurile alea. cred ca trebui sa instalez eu ceva :-(

dan said...

yeah, right. like you didn;t just blog about Rocky HORROR Picture Show... :P

Bogdana said...

aaaaah, come oooon! Not the same, so not the same. that's a musical. I mean musical vs. gore, you know, kinda makes the decision easier.