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Blinterviews - Yahoo has a person in Romania

Now I get why Microsoft has such a hard time with Yahoo, apart from everyone saying the MS are suckers and they should not get their paws on Yahoo.

Yahoo people are extremely difficult negotiators from the bottom up. So it goes with Yahoo's Romanian community manager, Bobby Voicu, whom I have asked a gazillion years ago to answer some questions for me in the blinterviews series [since everyone was head over heel on his being appointed Yahoo Ro community manager]. While bargaining over what to answer and what not, when to answer, what qualifies as Thursday (one nanosecond before 12 still does if the server records it correctly ) a lot of people have asked him bunches of decent questions. Find some of the info here and here.

So, to break the chain of decency here's my flash questionnaire which revealed that, basically, Bobby is a practical man of modesty and exceptionally bad orientation skills when it comes to bowel movements.


Me: What do you do as a regional Yahoo person?
BV: The same as before being a Yahoo. Which many would say is nothing.

Me: What was the hardest question they asked you when you were interviewed?
BV: Where is the toilet? (I had no idea, since we were in Istanbul, in a building I have never been to)

Me: Why does Yahoo stand a chance?
BV: Because they have me.

Me: When do you think Yahoo lost the Yaaaaa and got stuck at the hooo?
BV: Really?

Me: Why don't you own a Mac?
BV: I don't get the double tap.

Me: Would you have taken the job if Microsoft's offer had gone through?
BV: Yeah. I would have been a Yahoo for at least 5 more years, before they would have remembered Romania.

Me: Why is Yahoo Romania more interesting now?
BV: Again, they have me.

Me: How will you make it more interesting?
BV: Just by being there.

Me: Does your contract come with a company car?
BV: Yeap. On the key chain.

Me: What color business cards do you get?
BV: Purple and white. Like Seth Godin's cow.

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