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Accidentally talented

I got a parcel today from a great friend of mine in Brussels who is somewhat of an artist. I thought he was a musician-artist but it turns out he is also a designer-artist as he fully and manually designed the covers and inside of his two CDs which I got as a limited release :-).

I thought they were wonderful so I am posting some pics here [yes, still don't have a camera, waiting for my bday when I was promised one for a present ;P] and also if anyone would like to listen to the albums themselves I am happy to share them with you.

It's truly invigorating to see such wonderful work especially after having to fend off "make that logo bigger" every day of your life :-)

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christina said...


m-ai facut curioasa in legatura cu genul de muzica. Imi poti trimite cumva cateva melodii?