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Amazon is the devil (??)

I love books. I don't just love reading. I love books, the physical things, almost as much as I love chairs. I will accept crappy books for presents without a wink if they are hardcover and colored and smell like new paper. I like the way they stack up, the sounds they make, how they pages become tattered after a while, the little "ears" they develop, the scent of paper and glue. I like books.

That's why i think I should hate this Kindle thingie. And also Amazon. But people around me say it's the future (although endgadget readers trashed its design here)
Plus if you read this Amazon profile on Wired (via Noah) you kinda begin to think they couldn't possibly do anything wrong.


Andreea said...

Well I love books, the physical things too. I completely understand what you mean.

But I also love Kindle and such (I use a PDA). Just imagine, you can have a full library with you anywhere you go. Ain't that cool? Ain't that amazing? :P

Bogdana said...

@andreea, I agree with you but think of this: can you stay focused on one when you can switch to any at any point? I have found I cannot. Having one physical thing to contain my natural jitteriness works better :-)