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Lamer than the original

Frivolous stuff for tonight but I cannot help myself. I saw this Nicorette poster displayed hugely on a Bucharest building. It uses the well known Marlboro convention of the cowboy to push the anti-smoking gum.

Now, is it just me, or have they screwed up royally? I mean, compared to their lame, clean shaved, white starched shirt wearing cowboy who rides his well trained, well groomed horse on a plains, the Marlboro cowboy is 1000 times hotter, sexier, manlier, everything. So, pretty much what they're saying is "be a nerd pretending to be a cowboy and chew Nicorette"...
I don't smoke but I'll take the Marlboro cowboy any day.

Also, if ever you will start missing those tobacco ads, this is a good resources for vintage and modern ones alike.

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