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iPod scare

A tip if this ever happens to you: this morning my iPod just froze in mid song. No backlight, the song details were showing and it had the locked icon on. I could not unlock it, reset it using Select + Play as I normally do, nor would it connect to my Mac or any computer for that matter. What eventually worked and I found this on MacTalk is pressing the Select and Menu buttons at the same time after plugging it in.
.. just in case you want to commit suicide like I did when I saw it freeze like that :-)

Yei, now I'm happier.


Anonymous said...

It's too simple to commit suicide and to justify this only with poor reason...there are still other things in the trendy-cool gadget area you haven't told us about yet. Meantime, there may be more serious reasons you would be entitled to say bye to this world for...

Bogdana said...

wow, heavy comment. I will try to keep the suicidal bunnies at bay and focus on the gadgety goodness :-)