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The hypermarket "trap"

Talking about hypermarkets and choice I was handed the best insight in the category: the reason hypermarkets and supermarkets in Romania have a registered the highest growth in retail (over 20%) is simple: we hate interacting with the shop assistants from our corner shops. :-) Because they have names like Gina, Irina or Mariana, always have something better to do than pay attention to you, never remember who was next in line, always remember that you owe them 0.0000001 cents from last time, sometimes forget to load up all your groceries even though you paid for all, give you bad candy for change...

Hypermarkets are better, you can change your mind about something you wanted to buy and the tellers are quick, quiet and wear matching outfits :-) Quote Izzard "true story!"

Thanks Dragos

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