communication is essential to business making and it involves more than the ability to name your product, write a tag line or a press release. It's an intricate, rational and scalable effort and, let's face it, not anyone can do it.


Capitalize on UGM

This is one questions that I asked during that meeting organized by Ericsson and no one seems to have an answer. The question is naturally two fold: how do I producer of content as a user make money out of it and how do brands make money out of people producing stuff. I think, again, Fallon answers my question straight out by leading me to this man, Tay Zonday, who started out doing this

then he got millions of hits and ended up doing this

for Dr. Pepper.

Thumbs up for Dr. Pepper for being in tune with the hit now, and for Tay who's probably cashing up right now.

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coffee buzz said...

i nominate Chocolate Rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in your read whether you like it or not