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Obviously no political correctness back then

Went to see a history of animated advertising in France exhibition and was taken aback by how much more unconcerned people were back then. I spotted at least 4 commercials that included kids being slapped around (and they were not social campaigns anti slapping kids), kids drinking coffee, kids smoking (!!!!) and black people being made fun of.
I tried to find the Gitanes commercial that really got me going on youtube but it seems it's really archive stuff so i could no get it. But basically it tells the story of a kid who smokes in class, gets caught and says he does it out of patriotic duty because the ciggies are made by the French Regie. Upon which, the teacher says "well then, go right ahead, and give me one too" and they both go on smoking like good buddies...
Now, I ask you what would be reaction to something like this today? I mean even without the cancer scare and all that....
We used to have much more endurance to what was shown on TV back then I guess

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