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Insurance craze

Romania is half way through the mandatory pension signature bonanza and some interesting trends are emerging. Talking to people on the street we got an inkling of the huge disparity between what we thought was the point and what they thought it was.

While advertisers were busy talking to them about a better future or, reversed psychology, about how they should not think about that, it seems that people were concerned about one thing: money. Slowly capitalism has crept in.

When you were paying it to the state you felt no desire to interfere because the state was not to be messed with, but since now you are giving it away to come company they had better show you some results.

I find it interesting that even the advertisers' agencies, who are after all just people themselves, failed to note the fact that we were ALL behaving as if private was state owned and no accountability was to be asked of it while all along the consumer was making a clear cut difference and asking for a different kind of rhetoric. Private pension advertising has treated consumers with the same indifference and superiority as if it was state-made. That is why the most frequent reply we to it was "it's plain silly"


Vivi said...

Could you please configure the blog such that it would publish entire posts and not just summaries. :-) For us who read your blog in an rss reader.

Dragos Novac said...

i second vivi :)

Bogdana said...

okay, i think it's fixed. let me know if it's not

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nu uita de ing

Bogdana said...

n-am uitat; da in mod ciudat se pare ca oamenii aveau nevoie de informatie mult mai basic. lucrurile pe care le povesteste ing sunt cele pe care le spun si ei da' nu le inteleg pentru ca nu inteleg procesul in messed up 50 de ani de comunism si 10 de debandada.