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Iasi rocks

Met all these great people and had some cool local beer, ate American steak in an Irish restaurant with baroque curtains and then discovered something nice in the middle of nowehere. What we talked about later on...i'm bushed right now


Monoranu said...

Ne bucuram ca ti-o placut Iasul si te asteptam cu drag si data viitoare. Cine stie, poate vom fi mai multi si tu vei sta mai mult. Pana atunci cred ca ne mai vedem pe la Bucuresti data viitoare cand ajung si eu. :)

Felipov said...

Iasi nu e deloc middle of nowhere.
E un locsor minunat ascuns.
Asa cum ai vazut se intampla chestii si oameni acolo.
Love Iasi for ever.

Adrian Mironescu said...

M-am bucurat mult sa te intalnesc :).