communication is essential to business making and it involves more than the ability to name your product, write a tag line or a press release. It's an intricate, rational and scalable effort and, let's face it, not anyone can do it.


And we're back...

This is a .2 version of a blog I used to write about planning. My addiction to the subject and to blogging in general makes this "used to" sound silly since I deleted "the old one" only two days ago. The reason I did that is because I think of my blog as my home. And the last one had acquired the fishy smell of something rotten. That happened because I felt compelled to adjust my home/blog to my workplace - and that was a mistake because we all know that it is a mistake to mix business with family.

The new one is fresh and clean and it will work according to some simple rules:
- in English because Russell once suggested that it may be more useful like that
- all opinions and comments reflective EXCLUSIVELY of myself and my thinking and not involving my workplace unless specifically mentioned
- always exactly what I think :) even if it may seem detrimental to the profession, the work community or anything else (after all, I can do whatever I want in the privacy of my own home)
- cuss words are allowed so I will not use f***** when I mean to say fucking

Let's see how this works out


andreea said...

well hello! welcome me :D

i like this url better anyway, definitely easier to google.
now lets change that bloglines thing..:)

Bogdana said...

Andreea, many thanks. Hope this one will work out better. :-)

I (can) smell a.k.a Gabi said...

Welcome back :)
Though I wouldn't want to live in the same flat with you ...just kiddin'

Stefan Stroe said...

Ne-ai dat ceva emotii...
Bravos, bine ai revenit, spor la scris!