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Thing that pisses me off

I have a Ro blog where I post occasionally (well, actually more often than I'd like) about things that piss me off. Today I was going to post this in there but I realized it would make a good post here too.
So, here goes: I HATE digital photo frames. They eat up energy, they make photos look like they're effing getty images and miss out completely on the point of having a photograph of your loved one (which is that you have ONE photo on your desk to look to when you miss them)
aarrrgh, hate them, hate hate hate


Sebastiano said...

Subscriu. Oare se crede destept ala care le-a inventat, futu-i?

Oxygen said...

I see them as a thing made for emotionaly unstable youths or even older people. It's like "Hey baby look I got you picture on my desk". They seem pretty practical in that sense.

notalent369 said...

compleeet de acord! sunt stupide si nu le inteleg rostul. ma scot din minti si inca nu am auzit de o persoana care sa le placa sau mai grav, sa isi cumpere asa ceva.