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Pepsi on the rebound

Thanks to an article from Andrei (thanks, dude) I am relieved to find that someone in PepsiCo has realized what a mess they have been making of this brand. Earlier last year when they launched the new platform, still blurrily named in my head as "shake, mix, change, play, something" platform, I was wondering when they would realize that whatever it was they thought they were doing, "it weren't good". Pepsi lost all focus and all challenger attributes in what seemed to me to be a poorly designed platform to meet the needs of the web 2.0 generation. Unfortunately, none of the people working on that platform seemed to be web 2.0.

Now, Pepsi has announced a new logo - the one on the right - (already fondly dubbed "the butt crack") and is shopping around for younger blood than BBDO's (at least according to an AdAge article I read and which I cannot link to as it is on the premium, paid only section of the website :-P)

I am indeed looking fwd to the new campaign. I always thought that someone should play challenger to Coke (because it just seems unfair that they should be that big and powerful) and in the past years (what with W+K doing such a brill job for Coke) Pepsi seemed to have lost all gusto for that.

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