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Twitt review

I have previously said some things about myspace and facebook [the myspace review was probably on my deleted blog]. It's time for some thoughts on twitter.
I have been using it for a while now but only got into it in the past couple of weeks with my post volume soaring to approx 400. Initially, I found it an easy way to release frustration about daily events and also jot down some ideas I might use for the blog later on. Soon, I realized that my follower list was growing and also that they posted replies to my twitts. Currently my daily usage of twitter includes all of the above - frustration outlet, blog notes - but also a lot of what seems to be indirect ym-ing with people I barely know, all of which happens in face of all those following us.
I find it amusing also to review who is following me because it makes me think the blogosphere is truly a small place in Romania. There are 3 categories: tech people, bloggers and communication people, all Romanian, plus the random American [I have five by now] probably stumbled on my profile by accident or attracted by the pic [no explanation, truly, for one resident of Miami, spending most of his time tanning and making gourmet foods for his friends who also seems to follow only girls with really teenage looking profile pics :-]
It seems to be addictive - the more followers you get the more you feel like you need to update more [similar to blog]. It gives a sense of voyeurism paralleled only by checking out people's photos on facebook.
What it does

If you want to get into more conversations than you have at work, with your peers, online on your blog, on ym, twitter is a great idea. I assume that you can make actual use of it, if you restrict your followed profiles to only those people whose twitts can add information and you never check the Replies section. You will also get great fun from twitter if you like to argue, flirt, annoy, smack and bitch, all of the above in the very public face of your followers.

Twitter is for addicts of the information super fast highway or for shameless mental streakers.

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