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Misspelling progress

Sometimes I wonder at how people misunderstand what happens around them. I have on several occasions talked to people who dismiss the iPhone as a relevant device [much like Ballmer dissing the MacAir at mixx08]. I think that one thing is clear about what the iPhone does [very much like the iPod set a new standard for enjoying music on the go] - it sets a new standard for mobile browsing. Once you have seen how it's done on an iPhone you can never go back to a different interface.
What is the natural/smart thing to do? Mimic the iPhone interface on other devices
What is the stupid thing to do/say? The iPhone does not have market share so it does not matter.

LATER EDIT: also because users give this type of reviews of the iPhone

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Dragos Roua said...

From what you wrote I really can't figure out if my review is on the "good" side, or the "bad" side...

10x anyway for the link love :-)