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People just looooove macs

Just watched Kawasaki and Ballmer talk about Vista and stuff at Mix08 and I just love how much Guy obviously likes his Mac and how much Ballmer is obviously pissed off at it... :-)
MacLOVE is all around
Also, how lame is it that if you want to watch the keynotes on the conference website you HAVE to install Microsoft Silverlight :P - okay, it is a Microsoft conference but do they have to shove products down our throats constantly?


Sergiu said...

you can also watch it with other players, like BSPlayer.

Bogdana said...

well i didn't bother to do that. i just clicked on it on the website and I got this "install silverlight to view" which put me off completely so I immediately went to youtube :-)
again, Internet proves to be the medium of the freedom seekers :-P