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Facebook review

I used to do these reviews of new stuff online and naturally Facebook is not new but after spending 1h (oneeeeee hour!!!!!) ignoring or blocking applications I feel I need to include a rantview (this will definitely not be a review) about what is going on in there.

1. Anything will do
The apps that Facebook enables must be paying to be allowed in because they range from the insane to the silly to the downright stupid: you can be bitten by zombies, vampires, slayers, can kiss, have a crush on, pick, poke, play with, preetify, please someone, you can see who likes you, who pays for you, who wants to date you, who wants to have sex with you, who thinks the world of you, who think you're crap, you can choose what Greek god, cartoon character, cookie, celeb, city, region, world, bird, animal, color, car you would be if you were any of those.Most of these are mindless one-second interaction widgets.
2. Opt-out minimal, opt-in is mandatory
All "send all" options are pre-clicked for you so that you do little thinking and your friends bear the burden of you being a blind-okay clicker (you click okay without looking at what that means); the options for you to prevent the flood of apps from your silly computer illiterate friends are written in 0.6 font and almost invisible. there is no ignore all button.
3. Interface is complicated and tortuous
The links between pages are never obvious from all windows; you need to be on a particular page to go to one that you are looking for. Invitations are visible only from one page, the Wall is visible only on a different one. Basically it forces you to "grope" your way from one page to the next. Personal pages are hard to customize and definitely less personal than in, say, MySpace [which i bashed a while back but now am slowing starting to see the value of]

I am growing out of this so fast it's not even funny for a believer in InternetPower


Dee said...

Try Hi5 :))Seriously speaking your comments are quite pertinent and it's a pleasure to read your blog.

Bogdana said...

Thanks! hi5 is the preferred networking site in Romania too but somehow I got sucked into facebook :-)