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Financial crisis is boring Romanians

This is the natural conclusion I have reached reading this and yesterday's print media. The reason being that a lot of newspapers prefer to give print space to a "very important" issue: is Liiceanu using too much cold cream? (for non-ROs, Liiceanu is a philosopher/writer/ public figure). The story is this: he has a new volume out where he writes about his morning routine and confesses he likes to use shower gel, creams and after shave.
THE HORROR!!! I mean, what? A MAN, A PHILOSOPHER uses cream? Unheard of.
So this is what Ro print media wants to write about, calls people up to ask them about and gives FULL pages to. And naturally I am not so much appalled by the news as I am confused by the very poignant dilemma of "should men use creams or not".
So I am making it my week's question, please reply in the sidebar


Sebastiano said...

Speaking of Mircea Badea, u should try his first article. Men as sheep.

Anonymous said...

maybe he gets money for mentioning the brands in his book. maybe is advertising

Corina Bordeianu said...

In ro papers started to write ab the crisis long after it started at global level.

Corina Bordeianu said...

and ab men, men like to use men products (