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Elections in Romania

Romania is having its first ever uninominal elections this year - which largely means that you elect people and not parties. As such you'd think it would make the advertising agencies' job easier, because surely it must be easier to promote a person, with ideas, a face and ability to speak than a whole party, with a bunch of nutters who all disagree and which has no ideology whatsoever. Also, it stands to reason that because you have certain candidates in certain areas and not in all, you'd use more direct forms of campaigning and communication.

But , noooo. The ad world in Romania - or whoever does the campaigning these days - thought it would be a brilliant idea to use OOH as main communicator. The first 3-5 problems I see with this
1) I don't know when my area ends and another begins so practically I have no clue who runs where
2) Names are small and faces are big and there are no faces on the ballot sheets.
3) OOH are in color and ballot sheets are black and white
4) OOH have slogans and ballot sheets have names (again)
5) I have never heard of these guys so how am I supposed to vote for them when all they're giving me is big pictures of themselves with slogans.

The concept of canvassing is probably best known by Americans but it should have been a key component of the current campaign. You take one candidate in his specific constituency and make flyers which you then send to the people in THAT constituency. Like that you make sure your message is more specific - because you can address problems in their area as opposed to generic "we'll sort things out" type of stuff. Also, you make sure the person knows for a fact that the candidate is an option in that constituency as opposed to someone you may have accidentally seen on a poster. Plus, in the end a flyer lets you say more and potentially win over silly sods like myself who expect to vote fro someone with an agenda, and not a slogan. Finally, you visit the damned constituency and knock on people's doors and repeat what you put on the flyer....

Poorly done first uninominal....


Anonymous said...

Bogdana, m-ai ajutat sa inteleg de ce ma uitam ca vitelul la marile panouri ale candidatilor intrebandu-ma cine sunt si ce vor de la mine (un fel de a spune, ca stiu ce vor, votul). Ah, si urasc afisele in care candidatul sta cu mana intinsa in semn ca ar vrea sa se coboare la nivelul meu sa-mi stranga mana... De ce i-as trange EU lui mana?

Adi Zabava said...

The second one, the third one etc.
De ce crezi ca stam atat de prost la comunicare politica? E din cauza oamenilor din comunicare sau din cauza oamenilor politici?

Bogdana Butnar said...

@adi zabava, da :-). e din cauza amandorura, oamenii de comunicare nu au experienta iar politicienii n-au habar. partea buna pentru ei este ca nici electoratul nu are nici experienta si nici habar :-)

dan said...

What you say makes sense, but I'm not sure you're 100% right.
This is the first time Romanians vote in a nominal election system and the party of the candidate is likely to remain the main driver of "purchase". So it's perfectly reasonable for parties to heavily promote their candidates. You are right that the fellow's picture and the party's colors are not on the ballots, but the party logo is. And I'm guessing it will be the main criteria for most electors. Since we are all so used to voting parties and not individuals.

It's much more expensive (and logistically challenging)to create awareness for each individual candidate since they are so many, than to push the party umbrella and hope for a partisan vote for this first uninominal election.

But, this does defeat the very purpose of having uninominals, I agree :D. I'm hoping it will at least make the MPs behave better during their termn, hehe

p.s. e cam ciudat sa scriu in engleza pt cititori romani, dar ma iau dupa tine :)

Bogdana Butnar said...

@ Dan, pai cumva eu am incercat sa demonstrez ca dimpotriva nu e challenging deloc sa impingi cadidati individuali ptr ca taregtingul e foarte simplu fiind limitat ca zona

dan said...

dada, asa e. si chiar au facut-o cel putin prin DM in casutele postale. pe majoritatea, asa cum ziceai si tu, cu numele complet eclipsat de slogan and stuff ...

dar la nivel mare se comunica foarte mult pe partide. uite ca au si propus fiecare cate un prim ministru potential care sa le traga in sus cum le trageau datile trecute prezidentialii.