communication is essential to business making and it involves more than the ability to name your product, write a tag line or a press release. It's an intricate, rational and scalable effort and, let's face it, not anyone can do it.


After Marketing 24/7

I had a great time during the first day of Marketing 24/7 especially since it was mainly about direct and permission marketing which is something I have always been intrigued by. I spent some time listening to speakers discuss permission marketing, e=mail marketing, buzz marketing and mobile marketing.

Some interesting stuff I was left with
- all "something" marketing specialists seem to think that theirs is the ultimate answer to marketing; there were some extreme POVs expressed (Mr Matica's for instance) like "permission marketing is the only form of marketing truly effective these days" "Mobile marketing is the only true answer to direct to consumer";

- most forms of specialized marketing require in depth knowledge of either technology or regulations and it seems that clients are neither willing nor interested in hearing about them; we heard a very interesting presentation from Quo Vabiz on e-mail marketing, which underlines the complexity of a certified e-mail marketing system; however I feel that most clients would be annoyed to have to understand all of that or comply to all that regulation

- so far, no marketing plan has been able to incorporate all these marketing tools. I wonder however if all of them are to be incorporated in the same marketing plan or if they are best suited for different categories of products

The last session of the day was me, Bobby Voicu of Yahoo, Dorin Boerescu of Hyperactive and Sorin Tudor of Project 356 Communication. Myself and Bobby we spoke about communities and how to use them and then we largely diverted into tealking about what we like best, which is blogging. Dorin introduced his new project,, and the video he made to support it (featured in a previous post here).
I thought Sorin did a wonderful job of stopping us from talking too much and about the wrong stuff.

Some live twitter from me on my account here and I should have the presentation up soon although I doubt it makes sense without my notes

All in all a great first day

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Laurentiu said...

Vroaim doar sa iti multumesc pentru prezentarea minunata despre comunitati. Consider ca dupa aceasta conferinta mi-am schimbat in mai bine punctul de vedere despre cum se face marketingul iar dupa sesiunea ta m-am decis sa devin parte din cat mai multe comunitati on-line.
Cu stima,
Laurentiu, Emotion Design