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I am an Internet addict

What are the sure signs? Me having an account on every possible thingie that is online? Countless passwords? An uncanny relationship to my Mac which has outlived most of my boyfriends?
Try this: I left my flat, on Monday night, at 11 pm, wearing my Uggs with no socks, an old tshirt I would normally not let anyone see me in, and ran 10 minutes through the freezing night to get to the basement of a neighboring block of flats to hang with a guy who's probably 15, wears a ponytail and a System of a Down t-shirt, has one of those see through plastic, wrappable keyboards and about three laptops, and is willingly teaching me how to reconfigure my wireless router in case I "accidentally" misplace my password AGAIN.
yup, I really really need to develop some hobbies...
but anyway, thanks guy with pony tail for giving me my wireless back


Anonymous said...

most of your boyfriends?

Bogdana Butnar said...

this is sort of personal but I am also counting my current one and he seems to be committed to outliving the mac :-P