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Obama has appointed a Chief Technology Officer, the first such position in the White House.
How long before major brands realize they too need to have someone managing technologies?

LATER EDIT: to clarify, Obama's man is not a person overseeing servers but rather someone like venturebeat mentions below:

"The CTO’s mandate would be quite different from the Cybersecurity czar appointed under the Bush Administration. Bush’s czar helped defend against cyberattacks. Obama’s CTO, by contrast, would ensure government officials hold open meetings, broadcast live webcasts of those meetings, and use blogging software, wikis and open comments to communicate policies with Americans, according to the plan.
The plan extends Obama’s previous advocacy for more open decision making in government. It’s likely to play well here in Silicon Valley, because much of it relies on technology."

so I think my question stands. :-)


MainTour said...

Which major brands don't have a Chief Technology Officer?

I thought this is common place in fortune 500 companies and the Gov't is just now catching up.

Bogdana Butnar said...

@maintour, I see what you mean, but I don;t think Obama's man is a person managing servers and IT staff. I think he's more of an Internet, social media, online kind of CTO :-). I am sure the White House had someone in charge with servers before Obama :-)