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My Mac is beeping - follow up

Just in case you guys go through the same situation: I was worrying a while back about some repeated beeping from my Mac. This is what happened so that you all know what to expect.

For about 10 days the Mac (macbook, 80 GB [LATER EDIT] of something as pointed out by lovely reader) was beeping occasionally, short beeps, only one at a time, some 4-5 minutes apart, sound seemed to be coming from upper left hand side of keyboard. No applications were malfunctioning or slowed down. Ten days after the beeping started the Mac simply froze: at the time I was browsing the Net, using iTunes, downloading stuff using a P2P app, using PowerPoint (all of these working perfectly). Following the freeze, I tried to restart it but it failed to connect to the hard drive and only displayed a "?" on the screen. I took it to the service store and found the hard was completely dead and had to be replaced. Could get no explanation from the people there for the death of hard drive.

So, my advice: the minute it starts beeping and you are sure it's not one of the apps, back everything up and call the store to check if they have hard drives in stock.


Anonymous said...

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Robyn said...

I too am experiencing a random beeping from my MacBook, 120GB. It started Saturday in the midst of putting the final touches on our 2009 Calendar. I was using iPhoto, PS, Safari and Text Edit at the time it started. I found this video: This is without a doubt my beep. Is this your beep? I did a complete backup last night and we've ordered a new hard drive. My Mac is 14 months old and replaced a 13" iBook that the logic board went belly up in. Think we got anything to 'report' to Apple? Frustrating.

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