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Why Obama winning matters

My favorite sysadmin is a man with a huge mustache and a cynical view of life. So today he was displeased by me getting all emotional about Obama winning. In consideration of his sysadmin qualities I thought I might explain why I feel Obama's victory is a good thing.

I am unaware of Obama's specific policies and also feel that despite his great smile he will be unable to fix the world economy. But to me, the US is a country which shapes world politics, whose attitude towards policy and trends influences the rest of the globe. As such, the US cannot be seen to be led by a quasi troglodyte, with impaired speech and a clear inability to understand common sense. "W" was a man whose sheer inner drives I doubted because of his upbringing, because of the way he chose to lead his life until he was president, because of his dogged rsolve to NOT TRY to be a decent president. I am, therefore, convinced that a man whose life has been driven by the willingness to succeed, who's made an effort to present himself in a dignified manner and whose wife looks at him like he's the most amazing man on earth (someone please have a look at Laura Bush when she's around "W") is more likely to project, if not impose, a different kind of vibe. I will not even mention the fact that he is black and what a huge victory this is against prejudice and silliness.

So, to my sysadmin, I am thrilled Obama won. It may not affect us economically, politically or geopolitically, but it sure affects us spiritually to see that CHANGE is possible when enough people see reason and give it a try.

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