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Inspire - help out

Picking up the subject again because I am left with less than 10 days and I have to come up with a genius idea for next year.
So Inspire is a conference managed by Evensys and they have a Marketing Arena where smart people are expected to predict the smart idea of the future.
I'm thinking:
- kindle meets iPod
- reusable one-song mp3s with bluetooth devices all over the city
- public auctions for URLs
- the death of twitter by Facebook status
- the death of microblogging outside social platforms

any other ideas? However, I feel I may be missing the point - I am supposed to think up innovation in marketing. But since I think marketing should be about creating value as opposed to creating tactics, I am somewhat stuck ...
Okay, how about this, I propose a bargain, whoever comes up with a good suggestion for this Arena gets to come with me and present it :-)

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ana said...

if this is a call for help, then let's be supportive. :) i will not talk about death... it is obvious that if something is dying is going to happen anyway. be pro-active, give me hope. :) i will go for: integrated cross-referenced campaigns between more brands in order to create THE experience for the city, for its people, to create the community feeling in both offline & online. In times of need, people come together, so should the brands. And for all it will be a win-win situation. good luck :)

mish said...

mutitouch screens on workstations ans laptops. yeah, that feature from iphone.

linux's gui goes there, windows 7 listed that among features, os x kind of already has it. we now have a digital world where the pointer is king for (maybe) 20 years. the global mulitouch behavior must change the way digital ads work, becouse in that day, user can tap an ad with his middle or big thumb.

the near future has to be that way.

dan said...

don't know what the marketing idea of 2009 will be, but I can guess as to what it might be good for: an idea that will allow hugely popular online tools like facebook, youtube, twitter , myspace or digg to actually make serious money out of their millions of users. which they don't right now. and their investors are beginning to lose patience.

or maybe it will be some kind of cheap and accesible tool for financing (like but for people not just companies)

or maybe smt else

Anonymous said...

in these troubled economic times (cue foreboding cellist), i see a blending of hyper-local eco-friendly simpletech with the geotargeted global social web as people look inwards (or at least in their own backyards).

It's more about suitable action than discrete marketing. discovering the cool bar, or fairtrade cafe around the corner after recommendations from friends on twitter, or brightkite, or the myriad of fireeagle type web apps. then riding there on your old-school recycled dutch bike.

a kind of lowtech-hitech mashup. your bike meets brightkite meets the local microbrewery at an underground silent disco. (or are silent discos so passe right now?)

save you money, encourage self expression, maintain connection with your local village, then broadcast it to the world.

or maybe it's bacon flavoured icecream.

actually i hope it is bacon flavoured icecream.

Bogdana Butnar said...

you guys rock!!! keep'em coming