communication is essential to business making and it involves more than the ability to name your product, write a tag line or a press release. It's an intricate, rational and scalable effort and, let's face it, not anyone can do it.


Thought of the afternoon

Somehow I feel the Internet is catering more to men than women. Like with this...chickipedia ????


Anonymous said...

So I'm guessing lesbians would qualify as men too?

Bogdana said...

hmmm, that's an interesting question. But I checked an the estimated % of gays in the overall population may be lower than 2% (according to an US study) and, technically also, women are less likely to give in to the gay drive so that still statistically makes my point :-PPPPPPPP
but I will give you one on this one - I am so politically incorrect all the time :-)

Bogdana said...

Later: @ anonymous: Victor, is this you being a nasty head on my blog?