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2/21/2009 a threat to classical media?

There's a lot of talk these days about offline advertising budgets being moved to online for reasons of efficiency. It sounds like the heyday of online when all the money is being poured into display and special projects and so forth. Offline money going into online.
I did a small experiment on Twitter, asking what you could do with a typical offline budget online. Say you took the 700k / 6 weeks from offline and wanted to invest it in just online adv for the same amount of time. What could you do with 700 k (that is euro) in 6 weeks in
Most of the replies [click on image to read some] seem to suggest that it would be an overwhelming amount for the Romanian web. Basically you'd takeover the Romanian web without any regard to targeting, be it demographic or otherwise.
I will ask my media people to help me out with this but my first instinct is also to say that a lot would be left over.
So maybe the reason people think offline money is going into online is really that the offline money is so little it can only pay for online these days [sad sad smile]

4 comments: said...

OMG! That's my twitter account! Now i'm really famous :))
Thank you for the nice evening and for accepting my point of view

danv said...

You could spend the 700k on mobile marketing targeting the users you are looking for. When I say mobile marketing I mean much more than classical sms push. I know this does not answer your question as mobile is different than online, but it's a valid option to invest a media budget :)

Ana said...

sadly, from what i've been hearing - and personally experiencing - it is not that offline money is going into online, but that online and offline budgets altogether have been seriously trimmed down resulting in near-death experiences for some (see BMG, Compact) and massive layoffs.

but i do wish i were wrong and you were right :)

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