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Roblogfest is ON!

Well, at least some good things are not affected by the crisis. The nominations for best of the best in the Romanian blogosphere are happening (12 more days to go) and Roblogfest 2009 is officially on.
Cannot wait to see what happens this year, with last year showing some indication that decent writing and specialization were beginning to be appreciated.
With 600 nominations so far I am guessing something is wrong with the registration procedure or people are simply registering themselves which is kinda silly but last year all was well when winners were unveiled.
Also, can't seem to find them this year, but last year there were some neato widgets of you wanted to support the event. If anyone has one for 2009 pass it on :-)


Anonymous said...

These ones? :) Multumim, rbf

dragos said...

it's not that difficult -

Bogdana Butnar said...

senchiu, am rezolvat si am asezat.

Gubi said...

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