communication is essential to business making and it involves more than the ability to name your product, write a tag line or a press release. It's an intricate, rational and scalable effort and, let's face it, not anyone can do it.



I am part of the second group of people who think that there is a crisis and that we should do something about it (the first one, unless you already know, think the crisis is an artificial social and media construct and just ignoring it will make it go away). As such, I think, not as leisurely as I would like, about how to best coordinate the business that I run to keep it afloat and possibly profitable. Obviously having next to no managerial experience in times of crisis I might not always make the best decisions, but as it stands, I cannot afford to take on a consultant, do not have financial analysts to shower me with figures and have found no books on crises such as this one, to get inspiration from.
A while ago I met with an excellent friend of mine who works for the World Bank. I assumed he would be rather busy at this time of the year, what with the WB being asked in to advise on the crisis or provide funding or such. Well, no. he tells me there has been no attempt from the governing bodies to involve foreign institutions at all in dealing with this even though attempts have been made on the part of the WB to offer assistance. So I think of the people running this country, who are probably just like me – without experience, without the books, but who, by contrast, can benefit from the expertise of an institution who might know something more. And I ask myself why they don’t.
It is painfully obvious that this country is not going the right way for two reasons: thievery and stupidity. A lot of people do bad to get rich but more people do bad because they don’t know what to do and are afraid to ask (witness the recent Snake Island debacle – I mean, it’s crystal clear that someone was stealing but someone was really dumb). At this point it’s seriously fucked up to be stealing unless you’re starved but even more so to miss a good solution standing right in front of you.


Florin O. said...

There is no book on crises such as this one because there's never been a crisis like this one before. :) What you can do is to read about all the other crises to understand the different boom-bust models that happened until now.

If World Bank or the IMF were that good they would have said something before the crisis started. Buffett was the first one that raised concerns about CDs many years ago. Few years ago other investors urged Greenspan to investigate and regulate the huge CDs market. No global institution ever said anything about CDs and the potential problems they could cause.

Bogdana Butnar said...

well, okay they cannot see the future but maybe they can help... i mean, if they offer it, why not ask??

Florin O. said...

Help how? The only help would be money. Advice they can't give. They didn't see the causes that lead to this although there were plenty investors warning about this. Now really no one understands how deep this is going to be. If they knew what has to be done, they would draft a plan and implemented it in the U.S. where this mess started.

Save as much money as you can and pray for a depression. Enter a depression with some money and you could end up way richer than developing a successful internet project. :)

Daca vrei sa citesti despre criza asta incearca "The New Paradigm for Financial Markets". Exista si audiobook. Si mai citeste despre criza bancilor de Savings and Loans din state din 80. Seamana cu aia doar ca e mult mai mare ca in asta au fost bagati toti. :)