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Where is that video of me???!!

A while back there was a storm of a conversation about unfair dealings by self-nominated no.1 online publisher - Realitatea. Manac was trying to prove they were spamming and link building and tagging incorrectly. It eventually died down. What I understood was that you could create loads of fake pages and fake links to get more google hits.
I don't know if that's the case but recently I was on TV (I know, there is not an obvious sequitur in that sentence, but bear with me) and wanted to see myself after the show (mostly because I am vain, but also because Zoso's recent postings of myself speaking show I have a horrible hunch). I searched the website of the TV channel - yes, it was the Money Channel - for an archive of the show. There was one. For every single show aired or NOT aired. But the funny thing is that if you click on any of the show air times you get a blank page. Actually the exact same page only with changed dates. Even for the shows which have not been produced yet.
So I tried more. I clicked on archive to see if you could get to the shows via that. Naturally the archive is only available IF you register so no luck there either.
Eventually I had to rely on my mom's mildly excited retelling of the show - apparently I did not hunch too much. Bu the question remains: why have all that long list of clickable links to blank pages when you could simply have said "to watch archive footage of this show you need to register"?

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