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The ultimate Mini review

Obviously I know nothing about cars - I bought my own based on how special it looked and how people felt about it - but one thing I can tell you after driving a Mini: those people at BMW sure can build engines. I mean, I started off thinking this was going to be a girlie girl experience because the car is cute and cuddly and people stop and look at you from other cars and smile (of course unless they are young women who hate you instantly). The truth is that one day later the cuteness was lost on me because of the sheer power of the engine in a car so small. It runs like the devil and you can do, if you do not fear the police, exactly what those people were doing in the Italian Job. The start-off is instantaneous and it literrally explodes out onto the road before evening reaching 3k RPM. The sound of the engine is ridiculous [as in wonderful] for a car so small and pretty, and let me tell you, one things is fore sure: this is not a car for girlies. I loved my experience with the Mini these days so thanks RoBlogFest for making this happen and thanks BMW too...

[no, no, my lovely C30, I still love you tooo....]

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claudinho said...

I was a bit worried that u gonna dump the C30. I see u still lov it. Good choice :)