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Great things to do on a weekend

As things has quieted down a bit on the job front, this weekend I had the luxury of rediscovering some things I love and had forgotten.

1) afternoon naps in a big bed: the wonderful feeling of having had lunch and not really having any emergencies so you can just slide back into bed, watch a soap and then slowly doze off
2) DC comic movies in an almost empty cinema house: I love the cinema going experience, the darkness just before the opening credits, the feeling that you are in a different world, the close up of actors faces and the cheesy scores. Yes, this means I saw Watchmen ...wohooo
3) newspapers and Italian chocolate served with loads of whipped cream: before the age of wifi I used to go to a cafe (I still do go to the same one) and buy a stack of newspapers and eat croissants and omlette and leaf through every one of them. This Saturday I tried it again and let me tell you, it never gets old, the feeling of holding a newspaper, the smell of ink, the inability to jump links and the eventual sense that you have accumulated some knowledge

This weekend was good. Some things are still the same. Good.


Sebastiano said...

We're kind of forced to schedule our moments of lovely solitude, huh?

Herman said...

Recently I've (re)discovered that taking time for yourself, although at first with a guilty mind, no matter how busy you are at the company, is the best you can do. Creativity is at it's highest in a relaxed mind. It is so easy to get absorbed by the business and loose yourself...

No partner that warns you when personal time gets less and less?