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Personal note

Today has been the most exciting day of this entire year.
Found out my grandad will be alright after surgery and got gifted book vouchers worth a fortune by a happy client so I literally pillaged Carturesti, leaving with five bags of books (Dragos and Bogdan your promised ones await :-)).
Plus I made my bid for a lovely baby pup Beagle which, if I get lucky, will be mine shortly.
All in all, today feels like a birthday...yayayyyy


Monoranu said...

felicitari pentru beagle. e un caine extraordinar. cred ca poate fi un bun planner's dog! :)

Bogdana Butnar said...

:) nu l-am primit inca. e a long waiting line insa cred ca am un CV bun :-) multumesc anyway si fingers crossed

Zu said...

Like I said: great choice :-)

Bogdana Butnar said...

Ma gandesc daca o sa pot sa ii spun Benny chiar daca e fetitza. cumva sunt chitita pe Benny the Beagle (varianta serioasa fiind Benjamin the Beagle daca se dovedeste a fi un caine demn si serios) care merge si la fetite si la baietzi insa Benjamin the girl Beagle e cam ciudat :-)