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When advertising turns into content

A while back, one famous CD in Romania starred in a commercial for ...umm, something, which became quite famous as it was mixing rather niftily some Star Wars references with good old Romanian knee-slapping humor. Now, someone in Romania's own 24/7 movie channel PROTV, who I bet has no clue of the important decision he / she has made, has decided to take the character of that commercial and make it into a regular appearance on TV.
Currently it is only as an intro to Seinfeld but if this keeps on going I see it turning into a full fledged series of its own.

Have only managed to see the one below, and apart from the blatant brand cameo by Ruby Tuesday - I wonder how much they paid - I have rather enjoyed it.
As I said, I look fwd to seeing it turned into a real series rather than this billboard-in type thingie, but until then, it counts as advertising's first foray into content :-)


Anonymous said...

Do you really see comments related to Seinfeld as being interesting for those who watch and enjoy the show? I watched the first few mini-episodes done by Naumovici and there's little humor to be found in them...

Bogdana Butnar said...

I never said that. I specifically said that I am interested in an advertising persona turning into a TV/content persona. :-)