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Realitatea Catavencu business & media

Interesting decision this week from local media group, Realitatea Catavencu, which has decided to add to its business publishing department, a business consultancy arm. Some commentators have noted that this is pretty much like trying to merge business with its main watchdog, which is the press, thus creating a mongrel with somewhat doubtful ethics.

What I find particularly interesting is that Realitatea Catavencu has chosen to divest its online arm from its offline publishing department, and NOT attach a business consultancy to this one. After having announced something resembling an online investment fund - f5 - Realitatea makes a weird move by breaking off its online content from its offline content sources and by not putting consultancy in the job description of its online arm although this is where they may have gained some credibility.

Simply put: having managed a [content] business online - and being "enablers of online entrepreneurship" as mentioned in the f5 press release - RC have enough street cred to convince other businesses they could provide consulting services, especially since there's few online business consultants in Romania. So why not do it?

On the other hand, to go from writing about business in newspapers to teaching people how to do business is credible only if you want to ...well, start a newspaper, I guess.

I am a strong believer in convergence but I think it should be done where there is potential for growth not simply clutter.


Florin O. said...

The way they understand the online I wouldn't go asking them about advice. They made an app to read J'Adore just like you would read a magazine - going through it page by page. And they are proud about that. They would put content from Catavencu on the website only from the previous number because they feared if they'd shown content from the current number it would affect the number of copies sold. Only this year they started showing content on the web one day prior to the magazine launch.

So online wise, they seem they are still discovering things in this area.

Bogdana Butnar said...

hmmm, so maybe they should not be doing consultancy at all :-)

Florin O. said...

Exactly! Why? You work there? :)

Bogdana Butnar said...

LOL, no, and after the above i hope you don't either :-)

Florin O. said...

Hey, I don't work anywhere. :) I worked for 7 years. Now I just read blogs and ny times :P

Life is way too short to work after 30's :)