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New power map

The beer industry in Romania has always been competitive in the core lager segment (premiums come with well set strategies and it's mostly a battle of HORECA deals). Core lagers grow locally, with locally produced ads and local deals and until recently Bergenbier was the clear winner. Now, the map is shifting. Bergenbier has lost its year long National Football team sponsorship to indirect rival Ursus (in Prosport, thanks Orlando) and remains with a poorly justified Men's Day initiative as sole platform. Timisoreana, last years' surprising newcomer, remains linked to Cupa Romaniei, while Golden Brau has managed a sidedoor entry into National League I through a GSPTV sponsorship. Skol remains a niche player.
In addition to all of this, ad agencies for all these brands have been reshuffled and overturned: Leo works on Bergenbier without its main creatives and strategists, GMP has taken over Timisoreana from Lowe but made no true creative progress, McCann is still figuring out Golden Brau, Tempo (??) is doing the same for Skol. In this combination, Publicis seems to be the only one pushing forward with Ursus.

So, are the cards being redealt? Is this the return of Ursus, the crown beer of Romania? Is Bergenbier at a loss and where is Timisoreana really going?

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Sebastiano said...

Ursus > all :P Nu advertisingul face Ursusul tare. Branzas spune tot ce conteaza despre bere, mai ales pe HORECA, pe iqads intr-un interviu. Si sunt perfect de acord. N-as bea Bergenbier din cauza ambalajului de suc prost de 50 de bani. Desi campania Matashelista cu complicitatea masculina pare absolut HUGE, uite ca nu prea conteaza. Zic si eu. Nici macar nu-s de pe aici.