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Twitter dating

The life-span of a twitter crush: "you reply to a casual remark from the person you're interested in. He/she checks out your profile an alternately can reply back or ignore you or thank you for your comment. In the first two cases you have a chance still, the "thank you" is a definite "no". You post a second reply and make it flirty. If cases 1 and 2 have occurred then you get a shout back and then intense @xxx and @xxx ensues. This goes on for about a week before the first meeting happens. Then a pause [evaluating after the meet] and then one of two things happens, either conversation continues with less frequency, in which case you know the meet did not go well but ended without sex, or no conversation happens anymore in which case two things, again, may have occurred: the meet went very well and now you're on "phone call" basis with the person or the meeting ended in bad sex and you're embarrassed to talk."

This is a shortened version of a 'Twitter dating guide' intro a friend is putting together after intense observation of Twitter patterns among a closed community (say people in marketing and advertising) :-)

A piece of work I am sure we can all cherish :-D

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