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Can't keep up with Internet

I cannot keep up with the amount of posts that my feed reader gathers every day. The simple realization is that if I tried to read all the blogs that I have in my reader I would spend 10 hs straight doing just that, which would leave me literally no time for work or social life (of which, incidentally, I have much less than I'd like). But I have also found that I tend to read loads of stories which basically say the same thing, only with nuances (f.i: lots of posts about Chrome, not a lot with more info or POV)

So I have come up with this wish: can someone please make an app that is called "keep me up". This is one button in the reader which scans the new posts and marks the ones that have similar topics. It also activates a window where "doubled" posts [ those with a subject dealt with in several blogs] are listed and you have the option to read the most recent and revert to older ones IF YOU WANT TO. Essentially this app would mark recurring stories, list the most recent (option: comprehensive) and delete or temporarily hide the rest from the reader list.

If such a button exists, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Such a button would come in handy for me too. I feel I have no choice but to unsubscribe from some feeds. So today I've started doing just that.

It's hard to "let go" of some blogs, but it makes sense to have fewer posts and actually read them, than just to scan through hundreds of titles.

Not to mention that some days I thing I might just give up the feed reader altogether and read a book instead. :))

Ionut Oprea said...

My Feed Demon has a precious Panic! option, that auto-runs whenever unread feed count goes over 1000 and it marks as read everything older than 48 hours. Not quite a filter, but a quick'n'dirty way to kill the guilt :)

Bogdana Butnar said...

@ionut oprea That's cheating! :-P

dharchana said...

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Andrei said...

bogdana, you guys should produce this app in-house ;)

Bogdana Butnar said...

@andrei, we soon as we are done producing Mihnea's silly newsletter :-P

Andrei said...

)))) Nothing can't compete w this in its importance