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Idea Forum 2 - ask speakers a question

This year's Idea Forum will be packed with good speakers and I thought we might try to take advantage of the openness of the www and find out more about them.

Dom from glue is one of the speakers and I am currently getting together some questions we might want to ask him before he gets in. I have started a topic on twitter ( asking for your points of interest but will also be rounding up comments here.
So, if you had one question to ask the head of emerging technologies in a digital agency what would that be.
So far I have:
- "would be curious to learn about some emerging examples and if the digital tech is any different from the internet space" from Dragos Novac
- a job offer for dom from radu ionescu (:P); later Radu wants to know when video shooting is recommended for websites.

please feel free to pitch in

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