communication is essential to business making and it involves more than the ability to name your product, write a tag line or a press release. It's an intricate, rational and scalable effort and, let's face it, not anyone can do it.


The human resources conundrum

The advertising industry is in turmoil in Romania. Reason? There is no one to hire. I mean, sure, there is a bunch of converse-wearing, emo-haircut, slim tie, Fabrica-populating, Red Bull guzzling, cool wannabe blogger students who come a'knocking. But the truth of the matter is they are not hiring material for one reason and one reason only: they only want to be in advertising as a temporary way of passing time, in between parties and sleeping, before they become millionaires and don't need to work anymore.

So ad agencies who used to be complacent have started putting out to look for the good people.

Some examples

Also for your delight check out some of the more creative ways in which they write their job ads here Plus the search is on with several events happening such as the ADC's school of creatives and maybe even some Young Lions initiatives.

If you ask me, these are just ways in which the ad industry proves it has no clue as to what it is it should be doing. When you look for art directors how about Filter Design Competition, or the local Art Schools or look for talented cartoonists, or do internships for arts students? Putting out a cool ad just means you'll attract more people who have no clue how to make a cool ad but sure love one when they see it.


a wannabe said...

no, that is not true. im one of the wannabes but i dont wanna work in an ad agency just to pass time or anything. i wanna do smth, i wanna change smth, i wanna make myself useful and feel that. but ad agencies dont let me.. corporative life-style compulsory, too many self centred ladies near my office, too many guys sayin: thats my idea!! one scary boss and so on... you are so terrible wrong! trust me, there are human resources, you just cant see them cuz youre looking for ppl being my age but acting your age. just let us be all we can be, find out who we really are, and then go post about we being shmucks. you know im right..

thedirtypaw said...

if you wanna do sumthin useful do choose medicine, and leave the corporate life of annoying corporate clients corporately alone. go save some children from starvation

a wannabe said...

dude, im not the kinda guy that does all his best, or some kind of idealist working machine. i am winner that goes home and fucks the prom queen. i dont complain about my best, that why i dont go for medicine. but fucking the prom queen involves dealing with the problems i mentioned in the firs comment. that still stays. its 1984ish.

Oxygen said...

you are so right! of course there's no good people with those type of adds. with posters like ADC's you'll get quantity but little quality.

Bogdana said...

ummm, I'm glad you'all are having so much fun here :-).... ???
@ a wannabe I will hire you as soon as i have a successful agency of my own. Please do not grow old or cynical by then :-)

wannabeul said...

stati linistita, ca am invatat sa astept. va urez succes, then!