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First real viral campaign by a Ro agency

is a campaign for Lowe Romania. They are obviously preparing something and have made a couple of fun videos to generate some buzz. These videos have been sent to key people in the industry and they feature weird clues as "Lowe fires last art director", "Lowe owners decide to sell and start a spa" etc. The message is clear: lots of people have lost track of what Lowe has been up to, if anything, and this is a way to dispel rumors.

Also probably an interesting portfolio project by Lowe Digital {sorry if I got the name wrong}. Someone please direct me to the videos if you have them in an embeddable format


diana said...

they moved to their new hq yesterday :)



Ana The Copywriter said...


mi-ati putea spune de unde ati cumparat viralometrul si cat v-a costat?

pe cand 2-3 sentinte pe teme ceva mai populare (vezi viata, moarte, mutanti, plante de apartament)?

repet, ana the copywriter

iulian said...

sorry, but i really don't get your judging criteria related to this pitiful "campaign". how did you come up with the "the first viral real campaign" praise line? is there something to praise in putting some low-brow lines in a non-story clip? what is the great golden goal of this campaign? on the other hand, you despise the recruitment viral clips made by others for just being "cool". explain yourself if you can, please.

Bogdana said...

Dudes, the only way I judged this was on the only criteria I had namely the number of people who sent it to me, asked about it on blogs and wondered over a cigarette what the f*** was going on. :-) That's the only way I know to evaluate a viral. They were the only ones who, to my recollection, had the decency to send them from fake yahoo addresses. Plus, I fail to see how the recruitment "virals" were virals since no one seems to be wondering anything about them. They are actually recruitment TVCs put on the web which does not immediately make them virals. There is a difference of nuance between: "hey look at the silly recruitment ad these people have done" and "WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON WITH LOWE?"...a good viral plays with your mind :-)
but don't take it too personal, I am not the ultimate authority on virals :-) no one is. Enjoy if you can, it's just advertising

Ana The Copywriter said...

dudette, the recruitment virals did their part, people don't need to be wondering anything about them, they need to apply for the job, and they did. as for the lowe "super fun" videos, the only decent thing decent (underline that, please) people could be wondering about is "what the fuck is going on, have they lowered their standards that much?". so yeah, they sure make one wonder, but not in a positive way. a good viral is entertaining, the lowe videos only play with one's patience, so at the end of the day, all that "mystery" surrounding them means nothing if the quality is so poor. you know, a lot of things that seem mysterious are actually pretty simple and lame. i just thought of one right now. it's just advertising, and we're just scientists, right? think less, enjoy more. anyway, have a nice day. people are not upset, people are people so why should it be you and i should get along so awfully :)

Bogdana said...

@ana, in the context of rumours in the industry that Lowe are doing poorly, because they have lost all of their people, have not been able to hire a creative director and were not releasing anymore information, the commercials went viral because people passed them around wondering if this was some crazy attempt by Lowe or a funny one by someone who really knew something bad was going on. If they come out now with a grand re-opening it will all tie in. So it makes sense. Judging things in context sometimes gives you a different perspective. Also the fact that we spend so much time commenting on them makes them viral so let's not...and you'll be right then :-)

Anonymous said...

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