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Pepsi global I can (Eu pot) campaign

Pepsi seems to be slowly and sneakily teasing the new identity in Romania as well. I just saw a bunch of print ads with the tagline "I can" - Eu Pot (skater, boxer, etc). The gist of the campaign in Romania seems to the ability of humans to make change and that seems to be part of the new global campaigns Refresh 2009, meant to launch the much publicized new logo and the new Pepsi bottles/cans.

There is some controversy around this campaign and I will only underline a couple of points:

1. New logo has received loads of criticism over being overplayed, silly and looking like a butt crack; the leaked presentation by Arnell Group did nothing to help

2. Many in the US have seen a likening to the Obama Logo but to be honest I fail to see that, if only for the round shape.

3. Many people have seen a piggy back on the Obama slogan, as the new Pepsi commercial (see above) features the Yes You Can and the word Hope as seen in previous Obama commercials. Personally, I think that was the idea - to point out that there is a Pepsi moment in every big moment, that the Pepsi O is part of every important mOment.

That said, I find the idea behind this particular execution just as full of hot air as the Arnell presentation of the logo. I mean, come on Pepsi, I see your point about new generations bringing about change, but to link that with the Obama election is a bit far-fetched. Other than that, the references in the commercial are not too bad and they point to significant moments without the BS-ish connotations.

In Romania, the new communication seems to be teased out very slowly and I cannot wait to see if this is connected to it, although it seems rather obvious that it is since EU POT appears to be written with the Pepsi old type. In the link you will find some of the most important bloggers talking about what they can do.


Ela said...

Good teasing. I also saw Diana Bobar on TV today saying what she can do. ( today or yesterday on Realitatea Tv I think )

Bogdana Butnar said...

@Ela, yup. e si pe site. abia astept sa vad ce zice romanul despre noile sticle

ovi sirb said...

Da-i un view source la si vezi keywords :)

Diana said...

mie nu mi se pare un teasing bun dintr-o mie de motive, in primul rand pt ca lipseste relevanta. nu pot sa i cred pe nici pe copiii de la debate, nici pe andrei baiatul cu rolele, nici pe baiatul care recita ca pe un comentariu memorat inainte de bac ce poate el sa faca (sa joace biliard, sa nu arunce gunoiul pe jos, sa aiba grija de tara asta, etc). si btw, am intrat din greseala pe si am dat de un site pentru cei care sufera de depresie. brrrr

Bogdana Butnar said...

@Diana, LOL am vazut si eu siteul ala cu depresia hihihihihihi

Stefan C said...

.ro si .com, unii care nu pot si dau in depresie si unii care pot.

Legat de pepsi in state. pe contagoius este un intreg case study si nu as putea spune ca au dat deloc rau.

Clar este o miscare care a luat in calcul un trend social si un adevar din cultura americana: oamenii cred mereu ca lucrurile pot sa mearga mai bine. si ca ei pot fi parte din ele.
Pepsi e un nr2, obama pleca la drum din pozitia negroteiului, dar pe drum a devenit noul vis ( daca ma intrebi pe mine este cel mai de marketing produs politic, un fel de jojoba sau alintaroma)al americanului de rand.

Un challenger care se bate cu sistemul si preconceptiile. din perspectiva asta pepsi s-a dus pe valul care trebuie.

In schimb, am vazut noile ambalaje Coke. Nu cred ca au inteles nimic din experimentul pepsi.:)

Blogger said...

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