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High performance for online media

I am not doing well these days. I have a constant cold, I overwork my people because it's the effing recession and we need to deliver our figures for the Americans and that makes me feel guilty, my planner-dog-to-be is still sick and I cannot take it home, so you see I do get somewhat pissed off every morning. Reading Zoso and Dragos Manac does not help either. They are mostly pissed off these days too.
So, being pissed off, I need to complain about something and today is online media and especially the few ones which reported about the Effies, and did it last year too and the year before.
I was not in the awards, I have not been doing planning for almost 8 months now but I would have still liked to know what happened. Two hours into the awards last night and NOTHING. Twitter was dead, websites were dead, I searched and searched and searched and eventually used the oldest form of communication: speech on a mobile. I called.
In the age of communication, of speed information, of the 'staying connected everywhere' all online media outlets I would have resorted to were probably too busy brushing elbows with the cool creative people than writing a coherent tweet or short info about who won. This morning the earliest info was about 8 hours late.
Now I cannot wait to read about the "opinions" online media has on what happened. Because surely, they MUST know what it takes to write a decent brief and to put in a decent campaign. Last year they had a field day with some adv people rioting against the results. This year I am sure they will find an angle to make a little scandal out of it.
When you're an advertising agency, winning and Effie is proof of performance. When you're a journalist, informing your readers about what they want to know is proof of performance. So great job Effie winners (published here a dozen hours later) and no congrats for y'all online journalists specializing in adv because you were too lazy to do your job. And yeah, that includes the wonderful smark which made me log in to read the info I was after this morning.

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Ce facem, Ana Militaru, dormim? :P

Si Smark suge. Feedbackul e fictiv.