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Internet on mobile, case study

I recently changed my phone to a cuter version (well yes, before being an online person I am a girl and girls like cute things) and it came with a Internet on mobile option, free for two months.

I had previously refrained from getting Internet on my mobile because I think there should be some places where you are not connected and where e-mail cannot reach you. But since it was free, I said what the heck. Plus the guy at the counter did not look like he could understand a principled stand against Internet everywhere.

So as I was cruising a full 3G-city I decided to run a test. I set on my connection on my new phone in the quest for a simple piece of info: the running time of Xmen origins: Wolverine. Meanwhile, with my other phone I tried to get the same info without connecting to the net. As the one phone was painfully "connecting", I tried calling a bunch of friends, got "out of range" signals from most, called 931 to get the number of the Mall where the cinema house was. At this point the other phone had finally connected and was asking me to type in my Internet address. I had to pull over and type and then get the "connecting" screen again. Which left me enough time to call the Mall, talk to the cinema info desk and get the time I needed.

By the time I got to the cinema house my other phone was informing me that I could not view the desired page because I needed Flash player. Sooooo, Internet on mobile 0, other ways - 1

Am I doing something wrong?


dragos said...

yeap, in the particular case you're describing you should've tried using a little mobile app called urbee. Works like a charm :-)

Bogdana Butnar said...

dragos, good point and well targeted sale :-). unfortunately without a reminder via sms to update it weekly I fear I will only download it once...

dragos said...

once you install it you have an automatic reminder in your phone's calendar to update it. every friday afternoon. less intrusive than a sms methinks :-)

Bogdana Butnar said...

@dragos, will do then