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Speaking on the radio

Tonight I had the privilege to be invited by Bobby Voicu to speak in his show at Radio Lynx. I say privilege because, if you look at the list of people who have been invited there over the weeks, it's probably seen the creme de la creme of online in Romania.
Obviously I had loads of fun but I fear I may not have provided the best answers and solutions. There was also a tiny webcam and I look fwd to seeing the recording, if there is one. I made loads of faces.
The trickiest question was this "do you think there is a future for social networking and what would that be?" I have been thinking about this for a while (and frankly wish the writings about this were a bit more comprehensive) and have come to no reply. Personally I am drifting away from social networks but I think it may be a personal quirk.
There were some good questions from the chatters and I want to thank all of you guys who were very nice and sent nice messages.
Also, while there I found that Radio Lynx has actually beaten the online radio supported by the National Radio Broadcasting Corp in listeners/traffic. Way to go guys!


Sebastiano said...

Eu cred ca account planning-ul acestui TVC ii apartine Bogdanei, actually :]

Anonymous said...

This is the most self-satisfied, self-important, smug and contradictory blog I've read in a while.

Bogdana Butnar said...

@ Anonymous, whoever you are, you make my day. no wait! you made my week! this is the best comment I've gotten in a while. Can I buy you coffee?