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Roblogosphere - the rule of MAN

I like to think that I keep the top 100 Romanian bloggers in my reader list and every Saturday I spend my morning sipping hot chocolate on my favourite cafe deck and browsing through their posts. Truly, I now realize, the "high" ro-blogosphere is a MAN's world, as topics can be categorized - loosely, into three categories:
- gadgets
- sports
- musings about oneself
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Mircea Popescu said...

99, as I'm pretty sure you don't have mine.

Bogdana Butnar said...

good strategy Mircea. am dat instant click sa vad daca pierd ceva. sincer, mottoul tau cam taie entuziasmul de la prima citire motiv pentru care am si iesit rapid de pe site....dar oricum, buna strategie :-)