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The coming of age of a generation

Romanian advertising focused on local insights seems to have turned a new page. If in the past, we used Romanian references to awaken poignant and sad memories

or absurdly laugh at times when we were "not having all that much fun"

today, it seems that a new age has become of interest for Romanian advertising. I am talking about the 70s and 80s when the current generation of creatives and marketing managers were in their late infancy or early teenhood and had fun listening to Compact and Pheonix in Costinesti and eating their grandma's marmalade with the radio tuned to Romania Actualitati blasting Carmen Radulescu.

These were good times, so we have started seeing more and more references from those times to trigger positive associations in people's minds (not just negative or parodic ones). Especially music.

Like here

or here

or here

or even in the latest by CEC Bank (featuring some nice retro sounding music). That recent retro is becoming interesting is also proved by this humongous thread of retro Romanian stuff created by Igu on Maybe linked with this also

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