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Internet more credible than print media in Ro

Just read this article that says Romanians find Internet more credible than print media but less credible than radio and TV. While this may mean that in the battle between offline journalism and online journalism, the latter may want to claim a victory I doubt the results of the study precisely because TV, which is the least credible and most viciously manipulating medium in Romania, remains atop the trust scale.

Incidentally, among younger target Internet ranks as number one in trust, which makes me think that people did not rank trustworthiness but rather frequency of use.


Andrea said...

People that believed was bought by marie curie and blaise pascal for real are proof that the research is true. WORD!!

Bogdana Butnar said...

Andrea, had no idea the full news was had been bought by scientist&author joint venture :-) I found about it from a zoso twitt which said monden had been bought. nice prank

Andrea said...

It was all cleverly plotted while out and about drinking beer, zoso was first to start it off by saying it had been sold for 150k, dragos novac made it 200k and the total amount of shares bought by people (Florin Grozea, Dragos Novac etc.) was about 300% ...that and French investors Marie Curie and Blaise Pascal had also bought some! No one seemed to notice or care :D

I thought it was pretty good before Bobby let me know some people got angry :)

Bogdana Butnar said...

hihihihihi, you evil bloggers you! That is why CTP thinks you should be banned...playing with people's minds and feelings like that :D; however it only goes to show how much hype can cloud reason: with all the recent investment news in online, people didn't even bother to add up percentages :-) personally I totally fell for the metropotam trilulilu merger announcement on April 1st :D :D

joacadeamine said...

Aha. Am dat de tine *'"'*