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I want a relationship

I have completely forsaken this blog.
Because I need to develop a serious relationship. A relationship which involves a lot of quality time spent together, lots of cuddling, lots of R&R. I want to be able to spend enough time in this relationship that I know every crease and every nook and every crinkle. I need to get to know and enjoy every minute spent. I cannot keep having this casual, good night, good morning and bye thingie where I come in, fall asleep immediately, wake up in the morning and jump out and rush to the shower.
I need a relationship with my bed.
I want to spend time with my mattress and get to feel its every corners. I want to turn the duvet every angle and sleep diagonally, straight, sideways and in every corner of my bed. use all three pillows to their outmost, stack them, spread them, hug them.
I want a relationship with my bed.
I am sick and tired of running into it and out of it. I want to linger and let my shoulders develop a shape into the mattress.
I plan a relationship with my bed.
so, I am keeping it casual with my blog.

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Radu said...

uite in situatia in care trebuie sa ma uit pe pereti si mai putin la calc si tel, am stat in pat iar spatele i-a luat forma.....dar credema e dureros.....da rau de tot :)